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Thread: Convincing others

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    Aruba since 1979
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    Convincing others

    If someone asks you for Caribbean travel recommendations and needs "convincing" to try Aruba.....
    what would you say to them to sway them to visit Aruba?

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    May 2007
    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort
    It's the Caribbean island with the highest rate of repeat visitors...

    or better yet..... If I keep going back there's gotta be a helluva good reason or a helluva lotta good reasons..!

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    Paradise Beach Villas Eagle Beach
    I start with:
    The weather is the same all year - perfect.
    There is no hurricane danger
    It's safe. You won't be warned to stay on the resort all the time.
    The beaches are great

    Phase two:
    Lots of great restaurants
    Highest repeat rate for visitors, we've been going there for 17 years
    Everybody speaks English
    You can use American money
    You can drink the water

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    Eagle Beach to relax / Malmok, Boca Catalina & Arashi for snorkeling / Carte Blanche, Senior Frog's, Zeerovers, Sopranos Piano Bar, Kuku Kanuku & The Pata Pata Bar / The weekend flee market.
    I would tell them to check out the Aruba Forum and read about all of the good things we all have to say about our island paradise!
    9th trip to Aruba in

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    Under a palapa on Palm beach
    I stress the weather, safety, and friendliness of the locals. If I'm talking to someone who hasn't traveled out of the country much I will tell them how comfortable they will be.
    I talk about how the activities can really vary from relaxing on white sand to a 4 wheel adventure, depending on your mood that day. I stress the quality of fresh seafood. I have a word document and a PowerPoint that I use and customize to send to friends who are considering a trip.
    I talk about deals we find renting timeshares and of course our favorite beach bars and casinos. Who needs Vegas when you can have paradise woth gambling on the side!

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    Pelican Pier at sunset with a bucket of Brights! Sunsets at Bunker Bar LG Smith Steakhouse, Windows on Aruba, Paddock
    Not too much to add agree with all the posts above.

    Friendly locals
    Hard working and friendly staff who welcome you "home" and remember you each year and/or visit
    Beautiful beaches and weather
    Calm water
    Safe and yummy drinking water
    Lots of casinos
    Great airport and no need to go thru US Customers upon your arriving in US
    Friendly and safe taxi drivers (hello Bully)
    The best sunsets
    Great argentine beef & great seafood
    If you need hospital care be assured you will be taken care of
    Always a tropical breeze
    and so many, many more reasons!

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    I am being selfish, I no longer tell any one to go to Aruba, I want it all to myself. lol
    Next Aruba trip in

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    West Deck in the afternoon
    I just show them all my beautiful photos!

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    Jun 2011
    I just tell them to go there once and they'll love it! From that point on the island sells itself!

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    Reniassance Island & Surf Club Lazy River
    We are the walking Aruba Poster Children
    we eat, sleep, talk Aruba.
    The words Aruba this and that come flowing out of mouths every hour on the hour LOL!!!!🌴😎

    Palm Beach March 2016
    Aruba May & June 2016
    Aruba Dec 2016 NYE

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