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Thread: Cooking on vacation in Aruba

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    Cooking on vacation in Aruba

    There is a thread out there that talks about not dining out every night while on island.

    Of course if you are in a unit without kitchen facilities, you dont have much of an option to cook/prepare a meal.

    I am NOT a fan of home or on vacation.
    That being said, I do cook and am pretty good.i can follow a recipe (baking, not so much)

    This morning I began to take inventory of our upcoming trip's "eating in meals" that are currently in foodsaver bags in the freezer.

    When we get to Aruba, I do not cook, but i do thaw and heat up and serve

    Ribs and home made baked beans. (Paul's favorite, i eat neither and will have something else)
    Broccoli/riced cauliflower/chicken casserole
    Meatloaf with scalloped potatoes
    Riced cauliflower with red sauce and sausages
    Mojo chicken with italian green beans
    Chii and corn bread

    and yes......... and in our experiences over the last 15 or 20 yrs..the stuff stays rock solid frozen, packed in a checked bag in a soft sided cooler.

    I am sure there will be numerous bags of salad kits bought while there.

    Although i have been trying to "low carb" my life, Aruba will not be low carb.

    So although i won't be cooking in Aruba, I did my fair share of preparing, cooking and freezing at home.

    We have had this discussion numerous times. you bring any prepared meals to Aruba?

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    We don't bring prepared meals. We bring some coffee and Coffee Mate so we can have a cup on our first morning.

    I like to cook so I cook complete meals for dinner several times over a two week period. I try to keep it simple as the kitchen equipment isn't like what I have at home and I don't want to spend all day in the kitchen.

    I've bought excellent steaks at Lings and grilled them at the Timeshare. Made a few casseroles that I can throw together and bake.

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    I also do not bring prepared meals but like Andy, I do bring some things in suitcase that are too ridiculously expense on the island....I/We do cook most of the time we are on the island. I bring about 10 different spices (dollar tree little 10/$1 plastic 2-3oz containers). We also bring coffee, trail mixes for snacks, twizzlers, frozen bacon from our butcher (could eat that for every meal....). This year I bought some rice and noodle packs to go with whatever meat dish is and balsamic vinegar and evoo.
    I actually cut down over the years and those are my staple yearly bring alongs......
    My great-niece/goddaughter is coming again this year, but she harped until we agreed to let her bring a girlfriend along. After we agreed and the girl was invited she then started about going out to dinner every night and where she wanted to take her friend. I cut her off at the knees and told her unless she is a millionaire she better be prepared to eat in about 90% of the time. NOT a happy girl, but I told her she could stay home or zip it !!! I agreed to go out a few times but said I do not go on vacation to go out to dinner overnight. I go to hang in the sun, have a few cocktails, snorkel and relax (cooking doesn't bother me at all) and cook when I feel like eating not rushing to beat the dinner rush .......

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    We have talked about eating in some this trip since we are staying longer than normal but when I brought up the subject of freezing and taking with us, I got a big VETO from my husband. He says he doesn't want it to go to waste if we change our mind that day, which we often do at home when we thaw things out. Looks like our eating in will consist of only breakfast or lunch and all purchases will be made on the island. I do plan on sneaking in some seasonings in our luggage.

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    we are there for 23 days. no way can we go out to dinner every night. i do make breakfast at home either eggs or pancakes or cereal. for lunch, its either a salad or sandwich (which I run back to the house to make) and bring it to the beach along with a thermos of margaritas or daiquiris. we eat in maybe 3 times a week we are there. but when we do go out, we do not go fancy. maybe once a week fancy and the rest basic restaurants, which I prefer. I can not eat out fancy with big meals every night. I would be exhausted and broke. we don't go out every night either. I love the daytime in Aruba and if we go out to dinner casual, we will probably go to the casino. I like feeling like I live in Aruba (wishful thinking)....

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    In the weeks leading up to our trip I smoke a turkey breast, ham and Boston butt. We slice the meat, pull the pork and freeze it for the vacation. When we get there we thaw the meat out and have sandwiches for lunch or dinner for the whole three weeks. We've thought about freezing more "meals", but never do. The food always stays perfectly frozen till we get to Aruba and if there is any left at the end of the trip we leave it for friends to enjoy.

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    We almost always eat breakfast in unless we go for Dutch Pancakes. Lunch is either left overs or something small depending on where we are and if we ate breakfast late, we might skip lunch. Dinner is usually out-not always big meals though. Now that we will be staying at our own place, most meals will probably be at home. I bought a crock pot and hope be able to make some meals in it while we're at the beach or pool. We also purchased an electric grill for meals-grilled chicken or burgers or steak(not a big fan of steak) or fish maybe. We will still go out, but not everyday. I've never brought prepared meals, just snacks-you never know when you'll have flight delay after you have boarded or so much turbulence that they can't give out snacks(yes, both have happened to us).

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    I normally take some dried food or tuna foil packages and crackers with me. I don't take frozen food as I have a connecting flight and I've missed my flight too many times, even having to take a flight the next day.

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    We always eat breakfast at home ( toast, eggs, yogurt, coffee and fruits) When we are not up to dinning out, we are utilizing grill, thought we have fully equipped kitchen. Buying fresh fish from locals and getting nice meat in Superfood and fresh salad.
    We just bringing with us a red caviar and nice cognac.
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    I always bring coffee,English muffins,jelly,peanut butter,sugar,crackers and cereal with us. We also usually bring snacks. When we get to Aruba we buy some fruit,milk,cheese and Balashi. These take care of our breakfast and most lunches. We often talk about bringing a dinner or 2 but never seem to get around to it. We do not eat fancy very often- maybe a night or 2 so most dinners are in the 60-70 dollar range with a drink or 2. We tend to either do apps or dinner not both. We do dessert maybe once or twice. I cook every night at home so part of my vacation is not making dinner!

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