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    Counterfeit Money Intercepted

    Large amount of counterfeit money intercepted
    10 Mei, 2010, 08:10 (GMT -04:00)
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    ORANJESTAD The police intercepted a large amount of counterfeit money in a hotel room in Palm Beach last weekend. The total amount is not clear yet, according to the Public Prosecutor (OM).
    Various media channels speculate it regards a counterfeit value of 5000 American dollars. However, that has not been officially determined yet, according to the OM. Two Venezuelan tourists have been apprehended. One of them has been released in the meantime. The other will be brought before the judged today.
    The case had become known when a sales clerk had raced into another store at shopping centre Paseo Herencia last Saturday evening, wanting to warn the personnel in that store for a Venezuelan who had purchased articles with counterfeit money. However, the warming had been too late as the male had already visited the store and had spent 300 American dollars. The store personnel had inspected the three 100 dollar bills and concluded they were indeed counterfeit. They had immediately called in the police. The Venezuelan had still been wandering about in Paseo Herencia when the police had started looking for him in that area. Upon his arrest, the male declared he had bought the money from a bank in Venezuela. However, his wife had told a different story. She stated that the money had been purchased from another Venezuelan who was supposedly staying in the same hotel as the couple. The police had headed for the hotel, searched the room of the supposed supplier and discovered the entire loot of counterfeit money. The police had also discovered a number of luxurious articles of which they suspected had been purchased with counterfeit money. Both the supplier and the buyer had been arrested and confined.
    The supplier will be brought before the judge today. However, the other male who had spent the money in Paseo Herencia, has been released in the meantime. One could not prove he knew he was carrying counterfeit money. The retailer decided not to file a complaint.
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    Wow! I'm a little surprised they let the one guy go since he told a different story than his wife. Sounds a little suspicious but I'm glad they caught them!

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