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    Credit Cards and Cash

    We are 7 days and counting before our first trip to One Happy Island. I've read in previous posts about the international surcharge fees some credit card companies charge. Thus, I called American Express to find out if I'd be charged anything for using the card in Aruba. Their answer was...

    Anytime they have to convert money, we will be charged 2.7%. So, if I'm charged in US dollars, there is no fee.

    What has everyone's experience been? I've read that prices are posted mostly in US dollars with the exception of the supermarkets, but are they charged to your account as such? I just don't want to look like this when I receive my credit card statement.

    Also, how much cash should we bring for a 10 day stay? We will be eating in our condo mostly and already rented a car.

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    We visit the island several times a year and have never had an extra charge for using any of our cards.

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    Used our AMEX as much as possible in June and there were NO surcharges. Not all establishments accept AMEX.

    We were charged an extra 3% for using our Mastercard in one restaurant.

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    you should check with your bank. there are cases where you're charged for using your card while you're abroad even if it was in USD.

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    Usually its the bank/credit union/store you got your card with that sets what fees are charged.
    Our Chase Visa Amazon and American Express Costco cards were charged no fees in Aruba since all credit card transactions were run through the shop/store machine in U.S. $$. And nothing was added back in the States.
    So it just depends who you have your card with.
    At Ling and Sons grocery store I used my Amer Exp and the store checkout machine converted the total from their money to U.S. $$ and the charge went through in U.S. $$. Ling and Sons did ask to see a photo ID.
    >>>> "So, if I'm charged in US dollars, there is no fee."
    ----- Again this depends who you have your card with. Some still charge that fee in Aruba even if the charge is processed in Aruba in U.S. $$.
    >>>> "3% for using our Mastercard"
    ---- Have heard that also.
    >>>> "Anytime they have to convert money, we will be charged 2.7%. So, if I'm charged in US dollars, there is no fee."
    ---- My American Express Costco didn't but do no know about your card. Is your card with a bank or store?
    How much $$ should you bring?? Big question. I always bring like 500 in American Express Checks and another 500 in $$. I don't like to charge too many times at the restaurants as every few months on one of the many Aruban BB's you heard where someone's number is used at another place. Yes you protest and its removed but just don't like that.
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