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Thread: Crime on the resorts? Finally it hits...

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    Vigilance is the "watchword!" I, for one, realize that no matter where one goes, unfortunately, there may be a few "bad apples in the barrel," but I have always loved Aruba and feel that it is one of the most safest places one can vacation.

    Charles, your chapters are much looked forward to, and I love your stories...we are so fortunate that you contribute by sharing them with us.

    Keep well and happy all Forum Members.


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    I think the lesson is to never let your guard down.

    I have been to Aruba 7 times of which 2 times I went by myself because I felt really safe. After reading these post its a wake up call that crime does happen and to be aware of your surroundings. I rarely carry a lot of money with me just a credit card to pay for dinner. I usually inform the credit card company that I am traveling out of the country and I give them the lowest estimate of under $1000 that I will be spending.

    However, I find it disturbing to hear that someone got robbed at the resort pool. Where was security?

    When I first went to Bugaloe bar my guard was up because you have that long stretch of a walk from the street to the pier. I went at night, it was low season and there was no one around.

    I'm going to Aruba in May with my 88 year old mom so I will have to be more on guard. She walks slow and I tend to walk ahead of her so I have to learn to walk besides her because someone can easily snatch her purse and knock her down..

    Thanks for the posts and alerts..

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