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    Cura Cabai Aruba ..Development of Beach + Boat Ramps

    Cura Cabai Aruba ..Development of Beach + Boat Ramps-13450037_1072607579497239_6559786290494562148_n.jpg
    When i get more information I will post it.

    This is the area down beyond Zeerovers and the Dutch Marine base/camp.

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    There is an article in Amigoe today with some more detailed info. Google Translation:

    2.6 million for renovation Zeewijk / Cura Cabay

    Tuesday, June 21 2016 15:00

    The project

    ORANJESTAD - The government spends 2.6 million florins in the renovation and expansion of the fishing pier in Zeewijk / Cura Cabay. Yesterday, the contracts were signed by Primary Industry Minister Otmar Oduber and Finance Minister Angel Bermudez. The project is funded by investment FDA.

    The project is implemented in two phases. In the first phase facilities will be built for fishermen, who get their own place to store their equipment. The pier will be extended and the area is addressed to eventually create a fishing center where fish can be sold. Finally, the beach is also improved, so that residents and tourists have more choice of "good quality beaches.

    Oduber says that the pier had been refurbished, but that he saw the need for further improvements, given the large number of fishermen that use this place. "The fishermen have explained to me that many boats lay there for safety when it's bad weather and the rough sea is dangerous." That proves according Oduber the importance of the pier. The project also fits in with the vision of the government in San Nicolas cultural capital of Aruba.

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