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Thread: Dangerous boating at Boca Catalina

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    Dangerous boating at Boca Catalina

    For those of you who enjoy swimming and snorkelilng at Boca Catalina, I have to warn you that a very irresposible dive company, Aruba Water Sports Center, has been discharging passengers right onto the beach, amid families and children swimming. I snorkel there regularly and have see them three times in the last month and a half. It is a tragedy waiting to happen, be warned. If you see them do it, call the police at 100 or the Coast Guard at 913.

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    i totally understand your concerns.

    are they coming in at the area in the center, between the roped off snorkel areas?
    while we were there in november, we saw different boats come in there slowly, right up the middle in-between the snorkel areas.
    this is the area where seabob enters and leaves the water.

    when we were there, and saw the boats come in and out, they were very cautious and moved slowly.
    2x (2 separate days) there was a dinghy that came in, picked up food/supplies/lunch for one of the snorkel boats that was moored up to the north a bit, at catalina cove. this dinghy was very careful coming in to the area. a woman that we saw there daily, let into the dinghy operator about him bringing that boat into the swim area. the guy was soft-spoken and acknowledged her concerns , but explained to her that this area was designated for boats to come in. she was shouting and was truly very angry and upset.

    almost every time that the boats came in, my husband and i were floating aimlessly about in that very area. at no point did we feel that we were in any danger by their presence as they were very cautious.

    my questions are, is this the only area where they can drive up onto the beach? is it legal or illegal?

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    It sounds very dangerous. The beach I go to at home has an area for sailboats to be stored near the street and an area they can launch from on the beach. You are not supposed to swim there or sit. Two summers ago, my son's gf and I were in the swimming area-about 1/2 a block away from the boating/launch area and were nearly hit-(the hull was within 4-5 feet of us and many others) by a sailboater who cut through the swimming area. I don't know if was intentional or he did not have control of the boat or was impaired(4th of July weekend), but it was extremely scary for everyone in the area. I could see how the above situation could be very dangerous.

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    Boats travel everywhere 24/7 7 days a week, except for the designated roped off areas. Fishing, recreation, enviro research, tour, police, military, unmotored crafts, etc sharing the water with people, it is quite impressive how well and organized their daily business is done in a more or less unregulated approach with very few reported misshaps.

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    When we were snorkeling at Boca Catalina in November I asked my friend who is Aruban about how they now have roped off areas everywhere. He said its for safety which I knew but said that the areas like we are talking about are for boats to come in for dropping off/picking up. I suppose folks get the impression that it is not allowed even though its not roped off.
    Problem is....we as Americans are used to things "our" way and expect that everyone else in the world should do like we do......we go to Aruba and get upset because an iguana is running around by the pool.....if you don't like it, don't go !!! (sorry little soap box....)

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    we have been here for past 2 weeks and never saw any boats pull up to shore there, we snorkled there almost every day, they have it roped off...

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