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    December weather- 1st time and young

    Hi This is my first post and i apologize for asking a question thats been asked a hundred times but i just want to know from past experience's. My girlfriend and i are in our early 20's and i just book a vacation in Aruba from 12/16 to 12/23 as a surprise for her. How is the weather around that time frame in regards to rain? Thank you for your help

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    Welcome to the forum! What a fantastic surprise any woman would be thrilled with!

    December weather
    Average high temperature 87 F.
    Average low temperature 76 F.
    Average temperature 80 F.
    Average water temperature 81 F.
    Average rainfall 3.3 inches (20.3 inches annual)

    I will be honest with you in saying that December is the rainy season. However, I would still go ahead with your vacation. Our family was in Aruba from 12/23 - 1/3 this past holiday and though it did rain every day it was in the form of showers and almost always early in the morning. The sun, all days but 2, was out by 10 a.m. The other 2 days were showery in the a.m. and then the sun peaked out in the afternoon. Made for a good break from the beach and time for snorkeling and touring.

    Go and enjoy!

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    thank you for the input.. any others who had a experience in december?

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