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    DePalm helping to keep things neat, unlittered and pretty

    De Palmís Coastal Environmental Initiatives, a Success

    General News April 1st, 2011
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    Twelve months ago, De Palm Tours, Arubaís largest tours and transportation company made a commitment to care for the Alto Vista chapel and its environs.
    The chapel and its surrounding natural garden are a historical site, and a national heritage landmark.
    Located on the islandís North Shore the Alto Vista chapel is flanked by five, equally popular and charming inlets Ė bocas in Papiamento, which are frequented by locals and visitors, on island tours.
    Answering the call of the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Associationís Environmental Committee, De Palm Tours pledged time and resources for a monthly clean up of that off-the-beaten-path area from Boca Grandi to Bocas Pos, one kilometer to the north and one kilometer to the south of the chapel, and along the coastline.
    That wind-swept coast serves as the oceanís deposit for floating marine debris, plastic, bottles, and driftwood brought in by the currents of the Caribbean seas, and deposited on the shore.
    While driftwood, shells and coral washed in by the ocean are welcome, plastic and glass is not!
    Thus De Palm Tours made the decision to shoulder this corporate responsibility, with an appeal to its own employees.
    Not surprisingly, the response for the past year has been enthusiastic, resulting in 20 to 30 employees with family members in tow signing up for the task each time, with the companyís Green Team, entrusted with the organization and logistics, at the helm.
    Twelve months later, De Palm Tours reports considerable success. More than 600 bags of debris have been lifted from the area, and over time four of the bocas were scoured and the fifth will be receiving its clean bill of health by the already-scheduled, April cleanup.
    The Chapelís garden, has also received much attention from lawn mowers and weed whackers, now boasting trimmed bushes and pruned trees, maintained in their natural state. They are all indigenous plants, lined by natural rock and driftwood decorations.
    Visitors and locals may now enjoy an improved vista, at Alto Vista, courtesy of De Palm Tours.
    A company spokesperson reports that De Palm Tours will continue to take care of the Alto Vista Chapel and the adjacent bocas for years to come, hoping to serve as an example in the community inspiring other companies, schools, or extended families to join in and adopt their own piece of paradise, as the efforts benefit the island and prove that clean ups just one boca at the time, can make a huge difference!!

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    Kudos to DePalm!

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    Thats called giving back

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