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Thread: departed today

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    departed today

    my nephew, wife and 2 year old, were schedule to depart from home, rochester new york.
    he decided to drive 7 hours yesterday to philadelphia, departing this morning.
    all went well, he's on his way.

    if he would have waited no seating available until monday!!!
    the flight from philly was empty, as others were unable to depart their city..
    this kid loves the island, so if anyone spots joel vito sasso say hello, and his uncle is JEALOUS!!!!!! HAHA
    he'll be visiting scotts brats. yea

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    Wow! I'm in Auburn (60 miles east of Rochester), and have to say, travel in Upstate NY yesterday through this morning was the most treacherous I've seen in years. Glad they made it to PA safely and were able to depart - 44 more days in the tundra here!

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