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    My suggestion is this:

    1) make sure your home cellphones are unlocked. if your phone is locked (and most are, until unlocked) contact Verizon or whomever your provider is, and get the unlock code.
    2) go to any the local phone office (which is right near the back of Aqua Grill, easily walkable from your hotel) and buy a local SIM card. It's something like $20 and includes something like $15 of talk time.
    3) Buy another for a 2nd phone. You're all set, total cost, maybe $30. cheaper than renting, and you keep the SIM card for future visits.

    When I travel, I have my own SIM card for Aruba, St. Maarten, Virgin Gorda, Amsterdam, and The Canary Islands. After the plane leaves, I pop in the local card, and I'm ready to go. No roaming... you're local. You can also buy a SMS (text message package) from the phone store. They do something like 100 messages for $10. You add the credit to your phone first, then enter a code to buy the SMS package.

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    Most of the world uses GSM format. This format uses SIM cards. ATT uses GSM. You can buy a sim card from Digicel or Setar and put it in your phone if it is not "locked" to one service provider. Most phones are "locked" if they came from the service provider. Verizon DOES NOT use GSM therefore, they don't have a SIM card. If you want to use your Verizon phone you have to sign up for their service. I understand this can be expensive.
    I feel the simplest way is to rent a phone while in Aruba.(I use ArubaFastPhones)

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    Its always happen in starting every company claims for the best call rate but later they suddenly change the call rates..this all happen due to competition in the market.

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