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    Any Aruba beach...

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    That's awesome!!! Thank you so much for the info!

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    Here is a good clarification of the article.

    This is the form for tourists wishing to exend their stay beyond the number of days granted by immigration at the the past few months there has been an issue with tourists who wanted to stay beyond 30 consecutive days. Or in some cases tourists/visitors wanted to extend their stay beyond what they declared on entry at the airport as their plans changed. The form is straight forward, however you would need to make copies of various documents and must have a medical insurance form that specifically states that are covered for the dates you wish to extend your stay. US citizens must keep in mind that many insurance cards from our US insurance do not lists dates (at least my BXBS one does not).
    The article referenced by Eagle Beach Boy is for those non citizens who have 'residency ' papers or have applied for residency but their papers have not been processed as yet. That is a separate process, requiring different documentation and has a cost. Residency allows you to stay on the island for more than 180 days in a year. Tourist extension papers do not allow for more than 180 days in a calendar year.
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    Has any of this been updated recently? Has anyone spoken to or been to DIMAs. I am a UK resident and wish to stay for 60 days.

    I automatically take travel insurance for 60 days starting on the day we arrive.

    What else do I need? Documents to show we have sufficient finance for our stay?

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