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Thread: Do you have a special way of setting aside money for Aruba Vacation?

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    Do you have a special way of setting aside money for Aruba Vacation?

    How about this?

    Do you have a special way of setting aside money for Aruba Vacation?-12661749_10207725306303446_5307530741275149241_n.jpg

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    That looks like a lot of work!

    I just have a direct deposit for savings each month. The account doesn't have an ATM card attached to it. I kind of just forget about it until vacation time. It works out well.

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    The 52 week challenge is what I do for any vacation. It is a great way to save.

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    I plan the "worry about it later" way: VISA!!

    Works every time.

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    We have an account specifically for vacations. Any "extra" money goes to that account. Extra being overtime at work, any bonuses we receive, a gift, a gambling win for starters. Then on a weekly basis any money left over from our walk aroumd money budget goes into that account. Once we have a trip booked I look at this account closely. I determine how much we need to add to this account each week to make the goal amount for our trip.

    It works out well, and it helps curb frivolous spending. If we want that account to grow faster we have to cut back on what we spend eating out or unnecessary shopping.

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    I've been doing this for years even while I was single to be used for whatever. Feels like you didn't spend anything. I call it the "fund". Once a week my hubby & I each put $20 in a jar. Then every night when we know we're home & not going out, any singles in our wallet up to four, no more, goes in the jar. if you don't have any, you don't have any. I use to use it for whatever but now its strictly for vacation. The only thing we've had to pay out of our own pockets is the airfare since we usually book that within a couple of months of getting home and haven't raised enough money at that point. Any money we come home from vacation with, goes in the jar.

    With the exception of the airfare, we usually have enough to pay for condo, food money (which includes restaurants, supermarket, renting beach chairs, mio cost, etc), paying to take care of cats and usually at least half of what we need to pay Hans for car rental because we usually have a couple of weeks before that's due when we get home since Hans doesn't charge you until you leave.

    I told the girls at the vet about it. A couple of months later I saw her & she said her and her boyfriend started doing it but with $10 a week and they have half the money to go on a trip, lol. You don't feel it by doing it that way. And now its automatic. I started doing it when I first started working when I was 19. I'd use it for anything but now its strictly vacation money.

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    No.....we just go. If we spend too much I push back my retirement date.

    I don't look at vacation as a luxury, I look at it as a necessary part of life. Sure, my economic situation would be better if I hadn't gone to Aruba 20 times....but would I be happy? Would my family life be as rich as it is (we always have taken our daughters).
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    Since I went from a part time employee to a full timer I set up 2 accounts at my companies credit union. One account is for vacations,the other is for Christmas. Every time I get a raise I put it in these 2 accounts. I also put a 20 dollar bill aside every week for any gambling we do. We always take our money in equal parts cash/travelers checks so if any travelers checks are left we save for our next trip.

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    Nothing special, just scramble to figure it out! My friend Visa helps out quite a bit.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We typically use my coaching checks or my wifes commission checks to travel. These checks are extra money that we don't use to pay our bills on a monthly basis, and we use them for home improvement projects and more importantly trips to Aruba. I also save any change I have daily as well as put any money I have in my pocket in there..

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