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Thread: Which do you prefer, a new rental or older one?

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    Which do you prefer, a new rental or older one?

    Upon our arrival last week, I was presented with a brand new white 4 dr rental car from National. It only had 18 kilometers and the plastic was still on the rear seats. At first, I refused it. But my boss, (wife) wanted it and thought I was nuts for not wanting it.

    What at about You? In Aruba, I would rather have an older car with a few scratches so tha u can at least drive a little crazy on the rough side. Now I have to be extra careful and have no fun...

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    I felt the same as you. We rented a jeep from Budget and they gave us a brand new, shiny red jeep without a mark on it and not very many miles. My first thought was oh man, we have to be careful. I wouldn't have minded a few scratches, but it was nice to have all the bells and whistles of a brand new jeep with great a/c and a plug for our ipod for music.

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    If the car is dependable and the A/C is working I'd prefer one that is a few years old and already has a few love marks. Between driving all around the island and the tight parking spots, throw in the wind, I'd just as soon have it that way.

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    i would prefer an nice clean well broken in (hint a few scratches) and frigid air conditioning.

    we were rear ended 5+ years ago and hans (tropic) brought us a brand new accent with less than 100 kilometers.
    we were very uncomfortable with it being brand new.

    that same night with the brand new vehicle a bird committed suicide on the windshield.
    thank goodness, the windshield was fine...bird not so much

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    Definitely an older vehicle which is already a little banged up. It puts me more at easy. I still take good care of it and usually, go carefully with the rental company guy over all the scratches and dents that they are well documented. In addition, I take pictures from all sides of the vehicle.

    However, during my vacation in Germany this year, I got a very new Mercedes, an automatic, as they were out of gear sticks which I had originally ordered. Of course, I was extra careful with that vehicle. On the downside: it was sooo modern, that I did not know how to program the GPS which came with it! LOL Had to find someone who helped with it. And when I had to put gasoline in the vehicle, I needed help again as I didn't know how to open the cap to the tank! LOL It was almost comical!

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    Just give me whatever you have... I don't care for new vehicles, but sometimes they are the ones with the best A/C. As long as it gets me from A to B I'm fine with it

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    I'll take the vehicle with the most dings.

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    Older cars are less of a target as well.

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    I've never experienced a brand new vehicle in Aruba....and I'm totally ok with that!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    New! A couple Novembers ago Hertz (at the airport) rented us a car with 12 kilometers on the odometer. We were very pleased.

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