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Thread: Do you use a Travel Agent to Book?

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    We don't use agents anymore. We were disappointed with our last agent: she didn't snag us any of the extras on our cruise that we booked through her and we met a couple in the same suite class that had a ton of shipboard credit having booked through Amex. So, I always found I could drive a harder bargain directly with the providers on my own.

    And booking air for aruba is like calling for a taxi!!

    I'm with Tracey though: if there were a ton of people coming down, I'd hand them all off to an agent.

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    We've always booked our trips to Aruba ourselves, its part of the fun of planning. But I use a travel agent every time I travel for work. With the way my schedule can change, it's nice to make a call or send an email and have things worked out without having to worry with it myself. He also almost always gets me first class upgrades on flights, and that makes him a very valuable resource. Maybe this year I'll chat with him in regards to a trip to Aruba... can't hurt.

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    No we don't use one. I am my own travel agent. I have a computer and the time. With all the information available now, it is simple to find your own way if you have the time and the will. When we go to Aruba we generally trade a timeshare and rent another week at a timeshare so no need for a travel agent. When we go other places there are any number of sites to find accommodations such as trivago, hotwire and VRBO among others. If you want to see the actual location of the resort or hotel, I suggest google earth. It will show you up close what you are near. Airfare is easy too. I usually spend more time trying to find low cost fares than I do looking for rooms.

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    I've made two bookings online (via Expedia and Cheap-O-Air), and two( my first and last trip) with a travel agent. With the agent I get that personal interaction as well as my input into the times for my flights( if I want an early flight or a late flight). As I have to connect through Curacao to get to Aruba my agent always schedules me for a flight that departs later in the afternoon or early evening, that way if my flight from T&T is delayed I will still have a wide enough window to connect for my flight. In returning I try to always book an early flight to Curacao, granted I may have to spend a huge portion of the day at the airport, at least I am early for my flight back home and run no risk of missing my flight.

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    Our first trip was through a travel agent. She's the one who suggested Aruba to us. All other trips we've booked on our own.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    I think the last time we used a travel agent was in 2001. We did use a travel agent for our first trip to Aruba in 1996 and probably for a few Aruba trips after that.

    With the internet it's so easy to book flights, hotels, rentals, etc. and do your own research. Plus you know EXACTLY what you want where a travel agent is merely guessing with your likes/dislikes after a few conversations and may exclude some options that you may have liked.

    We book our own flights, hotels, rentals for Aruba, the U.S., Mexico, and Europe. Where I would use a travel agent, however, would be a couple more difficult trips like Africa and southeast Asia which would require more flights within the country(s) and/or may also have certain Visa requirements. That's where I would need a little help. Aruba is so incredibly someone said above, it's as easy as calling a taxi.

    I really do missing working with our old travel agent though - she was a gem and also did my husband's business travel and alerted us to certain clubs/frequent flyer memberships, etc. to join that gave us upgrades and extras. We will always love her for suggesting the Museum Pass for our first trip to Paris back in 2001. We had no clue what it was (other than what she told us) but we purchased it on her advice and we were able to bypass all of the lines to the museums saving us TONS of time. Now one of the first things we do when we arrive in Paris is purchase that pass thanks to her!
    ~Amy~ - Sedona, AZ: April/May 2018 -- Ireland: June/July 2018 -- 36th trip to Aruba: Sept./Oct. 2018 --
    Italy: Nov./Dec. 2018

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    In the past, we used a travel agent.
    Now with the internet and knowing the best dates to do the resort booking and airline booking, I now do it all online.
    Save about 40%.

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