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    Dollar vs Florin

    I have a question about online menu's...

    I see restaurants like Iguana Joe's, etc.... and the prices seem more than I remember them being... are the prices listed in Florins?

    Also... what is the exchange rate of florin to dollar?

    i.e. if something is $17.95 on that menu.... what is that American.. or is that the american price?

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    That is US dollars my friend... I ate at Iguana Joes also. The only time I was quoted prices in Florin was at the grocery store or off the beaten path stores.. and they convert it for you.

    The Iguana Cantina (sister restaurant of Iguana Joes) has an all you can eat fajitas on Wed night for $18.95 - that was a remarkable amount of food! And very yummy too!!

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    Iguana Joe's menu is in U.S. $'s. In tourist areas all menu's will show U.S. currency. Some but very few will also show Aruban floren such as Pam Pam and B55 restaurants. $1.00 US is $1.75 AFL.

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