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    Eagle Beach okay for the day?

    I will be cruising to Aruba this weekend. I understand all the beaches are public. I understand that Eagle beach is one of the best. I am traveling by a cruise ship. I will only be there one day. My plan is to sit on Eagle beach for the day. I have relatives that are staying at the Tamarin resort. I also have one in my party that is on crutches. So, I want some place on Eagle that has some shade, Bars, and resturants,bathrooms, and chair rentals, prefer to be close to Tamarin. Where should I tell the taxi driver to take us? I don't want to leave it up to the taxi driver or up to chance. Thanks for helping,

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    Under a hut, walking Eagle Beach, lunch on the beach, Amstel Bright Beer on the beach, coffee in the morning on the beach, taking a dip in the sea,

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    >>> "I have relatives that are staying at the Tamarin resort."
    ---- Nothing close to the Tam where you can rent chairs that I know of. If only 2 of you why not ask relatives if you can sit with them. For lunch and drinks you can pay where they eat/drink. They will be AI.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    I "think" the Tamarijn sells tickets which can be used towards food and beverges for guests of those people staying at the resort.

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