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    Remember - this is before the elections and there have been tensions - but only the locals see it. Not reported in the "english" papers here.

    There will be a lot of drunk drivers out there and add the fact that
    they may be upset because of the elections - and it equals
    a "beach day" for everyone else (tourists) and an "in house" day
    for most of us locals.

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    Was there also for an election....the night before we drove around and watched all the election goings on...stopped at a couple of bars to hear what the locals were saying...also stopped in at Little Switzerlan(sp?) and one of the locals gave us a huge yellow party flag as well as a couple of tee shirts for the yellow the time the locals were for them thinking they would support the "little" year when we came they hated that party also.....
    but as far as the booze goes...we as tourists had no trouble getting what we wanted to drink. Just the locals are denied....

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