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    Elmar/CMB and Solar Panels check it out

    my friend who lives on Aruba (her job prohibits her from participating her from posting on BB) sent me this info to share.
    I am also going to post it in the Moving to Aruba category

    Hi Andrea- I love to help whereever I can. posted an article yesterday. Elmar and CMB are teaming up to offer home solar kits to Aruba home owners. They start at 2.5 Kw and go up to 10Kw. For every 2.5Kw it is AFL 9,500. CMB is offering special 7% financing on loans (usually 18%) for putting in the panels or setting up water recycling home plants. We are making progress here! Yippee! Now after i finish paying off my new kitchen, I know what my next project is!! Prome den Noticia - Frontpage
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    Well can I inform the board that we have been waiting 3 months to get regulatory approval from ELMAR for an installation and it still has not arrived. ELMAR is being more than awkward.
    When you question them they tell you we do not have the plans, then magically they find the plans 2 days before the announcement of their intervention into the market place.
    It is not any other part of the regulatory process it is ELMAR we have investigated this fully.
    Perhaps one of the private concerns should go into partnership with ARUBA BANK or RBC and make ELMAR work for their money

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