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Thread: English spoken? Your experiences?

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    Any beach!!
    Yes, it is Anita. I was trying to remember her name. Lovely person!

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    I took 4 years of Spanish in h.s. and DH took 4 years of German. Not that I remember most of it, but I catch things here and there. I've been trying to come up with a project once our son leaves for college in the fall, maybe I'll teach myself a language. Both kids took German and I'm certain they have conversations about me with their dad.

    We have found most workers around the resorts, restaurants and bars speak or at least understand English. We usually take home a word or phrase or two after each visit. Ever since our honeymoon, we've used the phrase "no mas" meaning "no more" because for some reason we played roulette (why, I'll never know; we were young) and the croupier would always announce "no more bets, no mas". That is an everyday term for us now.

    I've gotten omelets and just ask for "queso", which is cheese.

    There are also Dutch terms that have stuck with us such as "verboden" and "bushalte".

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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    Language barrier is pretty sad at my work... some cna's will speak their native language in front of the customers (patients) and I will tell them "to speak english"
    It is very frightening to them. They have no idea what is going on... and can be a threat to them since they are mostly dementia
    It is the same when I go get my pedi/mani. Two girls were working side by side talking and laughing.
    Got me thinking "are they talking about us." When I asked my regular girl about it she stated, "we were talking about what's for lunch."
    She did say they were sorry... and never realize that them talking in their language can be rude to others.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    when in aruba i expect papiamento to be spoken by many.

    the english speaking tourists are very fortunate to have very little language barrier as most arubans WILL speak in english.

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    Never been a problem. It's not always perfect but we have always been to communicate.

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    Most of my experiences out of the normal tourist areas involve umpiring baseball games. I have found nearly all of the coaches, kids and other umpires speak English.

    After 22 visits to Aruba, I should know more Papaimento than the dozen or so words/phrases that I know.
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    Seems that no matter what language is spoken everyone here understands one word.....Dollar

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    We always joke that the taxi drivers in Aruba speak better English than the ones we have at home. I am always amazed at how easily most of our bartenders and other service workers are able to flow so easily between Papiamento and English.

    We also saw a help wanted ad in Aruba for a fast food restaurant that said must be fluent in English, Papiamento and some Spanish. We laughed because at one fast food restaurant near our house in Virginia, English is definitely not a requirement.

    I did get a bad vibe at one of our favorite places on our last trip. I am pretty sure that the bartenders were talking about us, based on some body language and a few words I picked up, but since I really will never know I just tried not to let it bother me since I really have no idea if it was good or bad. It could have easily been a misunderstanding.

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