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Thread: Events..Birthdays/Weddings/Anniversaries/Funerals/Holidays ?

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    Senior Member ~Amy~'s Avatar
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    May 2007
    Our honeymoon (best time ever - really didn't matter where in the world we were though - LOL!)
    New Years Eve - twice
    My birthday - will be 3 times as of this Sept.
    Our anniversary - twice (for our 15 year wedding anniversary we did a private dinner cruise on the Morning Star - one of the highlights of all our Aruba trips)
    Our 10 year Distinguished Visitor certificate - had a party with the presentation and photos in the paper
    A few times at Easter
    Went to a friend's daughter's wedding and reception on Renaissance Island. That whole week was a party with alot of pre- and post-wedding events planned (grooms dinner/dance at Pincho's, etc.)
    Been in Aruba a few times for May 1st which is Aruba's Labor Day - we went to the Dutch Marines Open House and had a lot of fun celebrating and getting to tour the ships, rapel from a wall, and shoot a gun.
    Will be getting the Goodwill Ambassador certificate this Sept. so another party is in the works. Always fun to celebrate with friends on the island who we only get to see a couple of times a year.

    We never plan our Aruba trip around a birthday or anniversary but sometimes it just happens that way (cheap airfare, good time to get away from work, etc.) Since Aruba is a regular vacation spot we like to plan the big milestone birthdays and anniversaries at a different destination to make it more special. The other holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc) are always spent at home with family and friends.

    Events are fun but we look at every day as a reason to celebrate. I remember ordering a bottle of champagne out at a restaurant years ago (when champagne wasn't as popular as it is now) and the waitress asked us what we were celebrating. At the same time both my husband and I answered: "Life!"
    ~Amy~ - 35th trip to Aruba: New Years Eve 2017/2018 -- Zihuatanejo, MX: March 2018 -- Ireland: June/July 2018 -- 36th trip to Aruba: Sept. 2018

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    Palm Beach
    Major holidays we are home. We have been down for NYE's and the Friday after Thanksgiving and the day after Xmas. We celebrate DW's birthday in August early due to the fact that I have to be back to work. We don't celebrate my birthday or DD due to the fact that's during tax season, so we do it later in the year. Next year we will be down hopefully for our 40th anniversary.

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    Senior Member brady bear's Avatar
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    Wasn't planned... but the King's bday, Labor Day (theirs with the King and Queen visiting) huge parade's and etc..
    To think my first trip to Aruba and we hit the JackPot...

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    Jun 2011
    Every trip we just celebrate being in Aruba!!!
    TRIP 15 OCTOBER 2018


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    Senior Member Chrisvec's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Eagle Beach to relax / Malmok, Boca Catalina & Arashi for snorkeling / Carte Blanche, Zeerovers, Sopranos Piano Bar, Kuku Kanuku & The Pata Pata Bar / The weekend flee market.
    We renewed our wedding vows on our 30th wedding anniversary 4 years ago on Eagle Beach. (I surprised the wife, she didn't have a clue!) We then celebrated a college graduation a couple of years ago in Aruba. I'd like to say that we will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary in Aruba next year, but we would be going to Aruba anyway! We can still celebrate!
    9th trip to Aruba in

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    Senior Member Liz - Aruba Lover's Avatar
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    May 2007
    JULY 4 - My first trip 30 years ago last month in 1985 my daughter & I were there for 4th of July. 8 years ago again for the 4th.
    EASTER - For 11 years I owned one of my timeshares for 4 weeks straight in April. I was always there for Easter. Easter dinner was always at Madame Janettes. .
    CHRISTMAS - 5 times. One of those times I was with my sister and nephew. That is when I first met Andrea & Paul & Kevin (Becca too?). Remember Andrea? We all had reservations at MJ's for Christmas dinner.
    NEW YEARS EVE - too many times to count. Some years I would go right before Christmas and stay usually 4 weeks. When I wasn't there at Christmas, I would go right before New Years and usually stay 3-4 weeks.
    CARNIVAL - One year Easter must have been early. In January I was going downtown with my sister to Crystal Casino. Andrea & Paul were going out to dinner (Driftwood?) and said they would drive us because of the traffic. Watched the Parade from the pool deck at the Renaissance.
    THANKSGIVING - 1st time was last November.
    QUEENS DAY & LABOR DAY - A few times when I would extend my 4 weeks in April to 5 weeks.

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    Aruba since 1979
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    May 2007
    Liz hahahaha. That girlfriend was Sara. They broke up in 2005 as apparently Becca was in the picture unbeknownst to Paul and me.
    We liked Sara but love Becca.

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    Senior Member Liz - Aruba Lover's Avatar
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    May 2007
    [QUOTE=Andrea J.;278703]Liz hahahaha. That girlfriend was Sara. They broke up in 2005 as apparently Becca was in the picture unbeknownst to Paul and me.
    We liked Sara but love Becca.[/QUOTE

    Now I remember it was Sara. I remember I passed you in your car the day you departed (NYE or New Years Day) when I was coming back from Eagle Beach Boy (Gary) Anniversary party. I really miss him.

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    We celebrated our 25th anniversary on our very first trip to Aruba. We are headed back this November for my husbands birthday( his 60th and when I asked him how he wanted to celebrate it he said on the beach in Aruba). It will be our 2 nod visit this year and we are staying for 8 nights at the DiviAI.

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