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    Ever go in a cast?

    My wife broke her ankle thursday night and will be in a cast for our vacation. Awesome. Anyway, anyone ever been to Aruba or other beach destinations with a broken ankle/leg? Any suggestions or ideas on preventing problems or advice? We're going to get a waterproof cast put on Thursday

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    Get a wheelchair...gets ya on the plane early too! We ended up with a cast on my daughters arm and we used one of those plastic pouch things to put over it. Thats great u can get a waterproof cast..

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    oh, that is a shame!!
    please wish her well from us.

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    So sorry to hear of her accident,but good thing its only her ankle.If it were her leg she wouldn't be able to fly.Hope she heals well and try to enjoy your vacation.

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    Not fun. My SIL came home in a cast last month. Everyone at the Radisson and Jet Blue were exceptionally helpful. Especially the Radisson with transportation to the hospital and other helps which were outside the call of duty. Fortunately it impacted less than half here trip. Good luck with the healing and etc...

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    That is horrible...I have seen a few people over the years in that situation. I fell down Sunday by accident landed on my arm, I was lucky I did not break anything. That would have been my worst nightmare getting a cast one month before our trip.
    I know you will still have a wonderful time.

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