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No cut-and-dried solution for the Venezuelan problem

Tuesday, 03 November 2015 14:08

Oranjestad— The constant insecurity and shortage in Venezuela ensure increase of the number of Venezuelans that come to Aruba. A part come for holiday, but also a part for work or illegal activities. The government observes this situation, but has so far still no solution. If there was a solution, we had for a long time introduced that. But that is not easy, you see that at the European Union which stands entirely on its head.

Leanne van Spronsen
Integration-minister Benny Sevinger draws parallel with the refugee problems in Europe where the fight against Isis and the civil war in Syria ensure an increasing refugee flow. Special taskforce watches the situation in Venezuela, leaves Sevinger to Amigoeweten. But not only in this, they also watch Colombia and Santa Domingo. This commission monitors the situation and gives refugees an opinion in the council of ministers. In this commission sit among others the security service, Dimas, immigration service Iasa, corps police force Aruba (KPA) and the Public Prosecution Service (Public Prosecution Service). Taskforce is already a number of months in functioning and holds next week a presentation in the council of ministers. They do some brainstorming concerning problems which are there or can arise and what is possibly a solution. In the implementation we can involve then several agencies, such as defence, coast guard, the Red Cross and Amnesty International for example.

On Curaçao a similar commission is. In response to chamber questions the Dutch Minister for Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders wrote in a press report which special taskforce, where also defence and the coast guard at its concerned, situation in Venezuela and possible consequences on Curaçao watch. If required the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague lets know that these commissions an initiative to be of the countries themselves. Aruba concerns himself the border control and fighting illegality, the Netherlands does not decide. However, the Netherlands keeps contact with the authorities. We see increasing numbers of Venezuelans and keep the finger to the pulse. The governments mutually exchange information, also with for example the Dutch ambassador in Caracas. If in demand the Netherlands can provide support in which form thus.

To tighten up
The meter for Venezuelan woman tourists stands meanwhile on 250,000. They do not do things that we approve, such as the swipen with their credit card and on the street run with trunks that we have not got used, says minister Sevinger. But less than 1 per cent lengthening of their visa requests. If you tighten all rules up very small part for this, you shoot yourself aim past. Then the good tourists will be the victims of those tight rules, whereas the group which tackles your will, goes outside the rules for.

According to Sevinger the government wrestles with a difficult dilemma. The question is how can we check without the economy gets a knock? We live of tourism. And you can not only consider for Venezuelans something or make a separation between good and bad Venezuelans. If it applies for everyone or for nobody. However, must show Venezuelan woman tourists that they have 150 dollars per day at itself, but things are considered also there on by lending each other money. These let to 37 people from one flight had to return who did not have the required financial resources.

There is therefore tough customers solution. Hence that minister Sevinger and Justice-minister Arthur Dowers yesterday in the parliament was for consultation with the fixed state Commission tourism concerning these problems. One of the options which passed the review, is the setting-up of a tariff scheme for lengthening of a stay, thus president of the Commission Jennifer Arends-Reyes tells. Annually thousand of tourists who submit a claim for lengthening of stay, would have to go.