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    A FABULOUS Start Today

    A FABULOUS Start Today

    It is our 35th Anniversary. We have been here at the Amsterdam Manor for our 25th, 30th, and now our 35th. As well as the years in between.

    This morning we rose to a sunny day. We slept in because of going to Ling & Son’s fireworks display and got back late.
    Nancy took Max for his walk and I went to the beach to set up our palapa as 3 cruise ships were going to be in port.

    I stopped by Mangoes to pick up the morning papers and say good morning to the staff. I get back to our room and a moment or two later there at the door is a great surprise.
    BREAKFAST delivered to our room. Bacon and eggs, French toast, a fruit bowl, croissants and toast, a meat and cheese plate, coffee, cereal and milk, and CHAMPAGNE!

    The breakfast was SURPURB and a great surprise.

    What a way to start the day and another 35 years.

    Thank You to Marc of the Food and Beverage as well all the Management and Staff of the AM..

    We had the Champagne on the beach at 11:00 am. The time at which we got married.

    More Champagne to come later today and this evening.
    Eagle Beach Boy
    Ontario, Canada

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    What a nice story. Happy Anniversary..enjoy the special 35th !
    its snowing out here...soak up that sun !

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    happy anniversary to gary and nancy and max too.

    see u in a few weeks

    35 yrs
    amazing and spectacular
    in this day and age a huge huge amount of congratulations to both.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Happy anniversary! Marc is surely a gem. Everyone I speak to raves about the service at the Amsterdam Manor.

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    Sounds absolutely heavenly! Amsterdam Manor always knows how to treat their guests!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Drink some champagne on the beach for me....and I will drink some for you in cold Minneapolis tonight! CHEERS!
    ~Amy~® - Sedona, AZ: April/May 2018 -- Ireland: June/July 2018 -- 36th trip to Aruba: Sept./Oct. 2018 --
    Italy: Nov./Dec. 2018

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    Happy Anniversary,may you have another 35 years together.

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    The beach, Boca Prins & just about anywhere with my husband!
    That's wonderful!! I got chills when you said that you drank the champagne at the same time you got married-how sweet & romantic! Have a great time!

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    The pool @ Gold Coast Aruba, Holiday Inn Casino, Arashi Beach, Sunset @ California Lighthouse, Baby Beach, Our friends hotels/timeshares when they are on the Island at the same time as us
    Is the beach better down by the low rises today? The surf was still kicking up more than usual up at Arashi Beach.
    -Eric, Karen and Mia-
    Aruba New Years 2017-18 12/28/17 - 1/3/18 (18th Trip)

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    What a great story
    Happy Anniversary to you both, may you have many many more years together.

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    All of the beaches!


    Happy 35th Anniversary! Can't think of a better to place to spend it than in Aruba! Be there in just 14 days to celebrate my big "50th" birthday. Many more happy sunsets to the lovebirds!

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