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Thread: Ferry Service AUA-CURACAO-BONAIRE Feasibility study nears completion

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    Here is an excerpt from last year's article (maybe a few things changed in the meantime). It seems, the ferry is quite large!


    The committee has been working on this project for five years now. Based on the initiative, the committee immediately started working with all stakeholders to expedite the project.

    The ferry can carry up to 1000 passengers, 450 trucks and 121 cars. It sails about 70 km per hour between the islands. It will take about two hours and fifteen minutes between Aruba and Curašao. It will be a twice a day service, according to the politician.

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    I was thinking about a few of the fishing trips we have done and the water seems very rough for a ferry. In those instances the captains and mates have told us stories of people getting sick and wanting to go in early. That's not really an option on a ferry. I hope this is a success but there are lots of things to consider. I wonder how it would work with rental car agreements?
    Those fees seem so low for the size boat you would need.
    All that being said, we would be a customer for sure!

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    They tried a ferry between Curacao and Bonaire many years ago. It actually was very popular and did very well. The only problem is that the company had an inferior product and it kept breaking down.... There are tri hull ferries out there... and that would definitely decrease the "roughness"... also.. cruise ships due it.. so if the ferry was large enough... I don't think it would really be that rough. When they did the ferry between Curacao and Bonaire, there weren't any complaints about water roughness... only that they wished that the trip from Curacao to Bonaire was as fast as the the trip from Bonaire to Curacao.. winds definitely helped!
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