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Thread: FICTION RobO and Cindy O's Adventure (Please contribute to the fiction)

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    They moved over to the Renaissance. Cindy went to the afternoon Bingo game and won every game, much to the displeasure of a few but most were happy for her as they know her. For prizes she chose several bottles of wine, drink tickets and one cheesy t-shirt, which no one could understand why. She must have some painting to do back home. Then she and Rob went to the beach with drinks from Soleil and waved at the cruise ship gliding past the beach. All of a sudden they spotted someone on the departing ship that they knew. So they hijacked one of the island transport boats to chase after the cruise ship to deliver a message to their friends to........

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    Stop and get off the ship. Cindy had a premonition of good times to come. After some discussion with the ship's captain, their friends were escorted down a gang plank to the pilot boat and returned to Oranjestad. Of course they had to pay a $15,000US fee for this exercise. Needless to say Cindy and Rob's friends were not too happy. Rob decided that a drive to Noord would possibly make things better. On the way, Cindy asked that he stop at one of the little lottery kiosks. They then continued on up to Malmok and spent time on the beach at Arashi enjoying adult beverages. After dinner, they all crashed at the Renaissance. The next morning Cindy decided to check the lottery ticket she had bought. The numbers in the Amigoe paper seemed to be the same. Still, after all those adult beverages Cindy was still foggy and not sure she was reading them correctly. She went to the concierge with the paper and the lottery ticket. "Madam" the concierge said. "You are one very rich lady. You have won over 1 Million Guilders" Cindy collapsed onto the floor. Then............

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