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Thread: The first thing we do when we arrive to our Aruba resort/timeshare/apartment is:

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    Pick up the rental car at the airport, stop to get groceries, check in, have a drink at the pool bar, go to our room and change and hang by the pool until casino time.

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    The less crowded beaches & the Dutch bars
    Get the rental car at the Airport, stop for Lunch and a drink across from the Renaissance, check in, stock the fridge, make a Pina Colada and then unpack

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    After 13 trip with a great deal of difficulty I am altering my "first thing I do" schedule...Much harder then it sounds!

    After picking up our rental car we are going to go right to The west deck for lunch! We have never tried it, but it looks like a place that once we sit down and eat we will feel like we have arrived in aruba!

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    Pick up the car, grab some food and liquor at the grocery store and go check in. Dump off the stuff and head out to happy hour somewhere with an ocean view.
    Then we D-E-C-O-M-P-R-E-S-S.

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    Switch our shoes to flip flops from the carry-on. We grab a taxi to our hotel to drop off our bags. If our room is ready we head up to drop off our stuff and maybe change clothes. If not we check our bags in with the bellman and we are on our way to the beach for a drink. Depending on where we are staying that stop could be Moomba, Pelican's Nest, or get the idea, somewhere on the water! We also find out if we can reserve our palapa for the next day, but that depends on where we are staying too. Our first night usually consists of drinks and appetizers, toes in the water, and a little casino time.

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    First thing is to pickup our rental car and make a grocery store run with the luggage still in the trunk. Then we go check-in and if our room is not ready we stash our luggage and groceries with the bellmen. Then its a bee-line to the pool bar to meet up with friends and enjoy happy hour.

    That first night's sleep is always the best :-)

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    Usually try to check-in, if room ready change into bathing suits head down to pool bar for a cold drink and something to eat...Then depending on time head to lings...then dinner... or skip lings go next morning...just want to feel that warm ocean breeze....ahhhhhhh



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