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    Question First time visitor, Need help from the Gamblers!

    Hello everyone,

    I've been observing this forum for awhile now and it is now time to post since I will be making my first trip to Aruba in May! I have some questions about the casinos in the high-rise area. (I'm staying at the Mill near Westin)

    1) What are the minimum table limits for Blackjack, Roulette and craps at the various casinos?

    2)Are the blackjack rules similar to Atlantic City BJ? (6/8 decks, 3/2, Double after Split, cannot resplit aces, dealer stands on Soft 17?)

    3)How does one obtain Match play coupons if you are not staying in their hotels?

    4)Which casino offers the most "reel" based slots such as double diamond, red & white & blue, 5x pay, sizzling 7's etc (5 playlines or less) vs the video slot machines? Also, which casino offers the most of these in nickel & quarter varieties?

    Answers to any and or all questions would be greatly appreciated! May just can't get here soon enough...

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    I have been to AC numouros times, lose lots of money. In Aruba I always have a blast in their Casinos, it is more for entertainment and relaxation than winning money. The casinos are much, much smaller than AC. You can actually hear people laughing and talking. The servers are quite effeciant bringing the drinks around. I only played the slots, but at a glance I didn't recall the minimums being very high.Enjoy your vacation.

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    Shawn- I stayed at the Raddison & played at 3 or 4 Casinos last May.

    Blackjack limits are lower than A/C. I played at a $5 table each time.

    Cant tell you anything about slots- didnt play them.

    I stayed at the Rad for poker- last May only Holiday inn &
    Raddison had poker (Starting @ 7pm !) Poker had Higher minimums
    than A/C & a far worse rake.

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    different environment, never saw so many people happy to lose money...go late at night, more experienced have to remember you are talking island casinos, there may be one $5.00 BJ table, two $25.00 tables, one $50.00 table and one $100.00 table, thats it...also, just one craps table...

    on BJ, only difference is dealer has to hit a soft 17 (they need to change this) and you can keep splitting cards...

    also, don't expect to be comp'd for anything, you would almost have to play 24 hours a day.

    Good Luck.

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    Table limits are indeed varied and depends on what time you go.

    I found the slots at the Marriott to be the best, Hyatt next. Great variety.

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