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Thread: First timer!

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    Question First timer!

    Hello everyone,
    I've been reading all of your posts over the past few weeks and want to thank you for all of your advice and recommendations. My husband and I are headed to Aruba for our first time and we are very excited. We are staying at the Hyatt from the 2nd to the 9th. Based on your recommendations and other reading I have done, I've made the following reservations:

    Flying Fishbone
    Madame Janette
    Bruch at the Hyatt on Sunday

    We are also planning on doing the ABC jeep tour and the De Palms snorkeling trip. Is there anything else that you would highly recommend? Any other good tips for someone who has never been? I greatly appreciate all of your help.


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    It looks like you did a great job...covered all the great things the island has to offer.
    just some of my thoughts....bring lots of sunscreen,the sun can be brutal, the aruba aloe place is kinda cool to visit and buy products there, the Renaissance has some new "name" shows at their crystal casino place, rent a car or jeep for a day or two and tool around to the beaches and downtown.............just enjoy !!!!

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    I would highly recommend doing nothing for a day and just enjoy the sun, the sights and the beauty of the ocean all around you! The Hyatt is a great place to lay on the beach and soak up the rays. Also, walk right across the street from the Hyatt and enjoy a meal from Hostarios the Italian restaurant. In the 10 years we have been going to Aruba we have never had a bad meal or service there. Have a Bushwacker at the outside bar at the Hyatt!! Enjoy your stay - Aruba is the only place that we return to every year - the people and the ambiance are tremendous!

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    Another great place within walking distance for you is across from the Hyatt and to the left. It is called Amici's and has great homemade sandwiches, soup and gelato. This place is a wonderful alternative for a light lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

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    Thumbs up

    You've done very well.

    I would recommend getting a car for a day or two and going down to Baby Beach one day and getting lost in the cunucu another day. But you can do that next time.

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