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Thread: Food Allergies

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    Food Allergies

    Greetings ~
    We've been to Aruba many times. Sadly I have a severe allergy to shellfish. I'm very cautious while dining out (and always carry an epi pen/benadryl). However, on our honeymoon I had a scare. When I told the waiter that I had this allergy, he was confused and thought I wanted shrimp/shellfish with my meal. Can others who have food allergies suggest restaurants they feel comfortable with? How do you communicate with the servers about your allergy? Has anyone used the hospital facilities incase of an allergy emergency. Fingers crossed nothing will happen, I just want to be prepared.

    ARUBA on 3/4/2008!!!

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    We have used the hospital on the island several times and are very plesed with them. If you order meat, chicken, etc., you should not have a problem ordering your meals.

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    Well always be safe. It's good that you carry your epi pen/benadryl with you. Here's a tip. When making the reservation for the restaurant just mention it and when you get there mention it again. If you notice that the person doesn't understand you that well ask for someone who does speak fluent English. Otherwise tell them the word allergy in papiamento: Alergia (A-lir-gi-a)
    If you have an emergency just call 911 or the hospital 587-4300.

    Be clear and safe.

    Enjoy Aruba!

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