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Thread: this forum and some randomness

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Amy~ View Post
    Everyone is different so it's really just a matter of if you like to "travel" or "vacation"
    I've never heard it put quite that way, but its a great description. I hate to travel, but love to vacation.

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    I traveled when I was younger and really enjoyed it, now I truly just want to vacation in the best way I know how and that's in Aruba with my friends.

    Quote Originally Posted by Traceyd14 View Post
    I've never heard it put quite that way, but its a great description. I hate to travel, but love to vacation.
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    to me traveling is like the rain, in a tent, with folks i hate, and no electricity or real bathrooms
    or the remembrance of traveling with my parents to canada, florida or washington dc. Not fun

    i prefer to vacation in aruba w/ paul, on a beach, with my iPad.

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    Camping = something I will not do! LOL!! Traveling for us is just the two of us, exploring new places, meeting new people along the way, eating at fun restaurants, and staying at a nice hotel with room service.

    I've been traveling since my mid 20's. First trip was a solo trip to Italy for 3 1/2 weeks. It was alot of work (since I was new to travel) so the following year I went to Mexico with friends, sat on the beach, and drank beer. LOL! Both were equally enjoyable. But I haven't stopped since....both travel and vacation - love them both!
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    ~Amy~ - 35th trip to Aruba: New Years Eve 2017/2018 -- South Beach, FL: Feb. 2018 -- Zihuatanejo, MX: March 2018 -- Sedona, AZ: April/May 2018 -- Ireland: June/July 2018 -- 36th trip to Aruba: Sept. 2018

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    I'm right there with you Amy. I guess for those of us that really travel a lot things are just different. Even for work, travel is an adventure for me, always new people and places. You learn to accept the folks that fly once a year and can't understand why they can't bring a 29" spinner on board, and you move like cattle with the rest of the road warriors going from A to B. I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I still love to vacation in Aruba and sit back with a cool drink and watch the rest of the world go by.

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