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Thread: A free copy of "An Island Away"

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    Yes Andrea,

    I know about SanNic44. I used his "local flavor" blog to help plan some of my meal stops on the island. Also there is a slight possibility that I saw him and Mrs. 44 at the Passions Beach bar tonight at the weekly internet happy hour.

    If that was SanNic44 (and I didn't think it was) , he was hidden behind a nice set of sunglasses.

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    Sorry to say, wasn't me. I was in Savaneta at the time.

    Aruba's Novelist in Residence (sometimes)

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    Internet Happy Hour

    Good to know SanNic....

    I actually made a good judgement call and did not ask everyone sitting at the bar, "Hey, are you here for the internet happy hour?"

    Sometimes, you can just look at people and tell.

    It did feel like one of the <we are the only 2 people here from the forums> weeks, and not one of the <Hey! 20 people are here from the forums> weeks.

    OK, back on topic now!

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