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Thread: Free WIFI @ your resort?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aruba4ever View Post
    I don't even know what this means, lol. I am not a tech person at all. Wifi hot spot ????
    ANDREA - please punt this out if it's veering too far off topic...

    You can use your phone to connect all your devices to the Internet - it's like having a portable wireless router.

    In Aruba, you just get a SIM card from one of the local providers (SETAR, Digicel), purchase a data plan, plunk it into your unlocked phone, change one setting on the phone and you now have Internet that you can connect to no matter where you are.

    The performance of the mobile (LTE) network in Aruba (SETAR in our experience) has been a lot more consistent and, at times, faster than our land-line SETAR cable Internet connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacki View Post
    That must be new! Free wifi was only available in the office a few years ago. Nice

    Not new. I've been using free wifi at Amsterdam Manor for years since 2008 (we stay there at least once a year and I remember when I was finally able to bring my own laptop.) They have free computers to use near their front office which they have always had but you can use your own laptop or smartphone and connect to their free wifi anywhere on their premises.
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    The Marriott Stellaris has free wifi if you are a Marriott rewards member, but its free to join so I always made sure to join before we stayed there to get it free. For places that don't offer it for free, see if there is any club or something you can sign up for instead of paying for it. Typically the signal can be a bit better that way too since not everyone at the resort is using it.

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    La Cabana did a major upgrade this year but I still found the service to be spotty in late May, and downright poor at times. Some days you could not get a signal at all and we gave up trying. Must just be too many guests trying to use it. Part of me still wants to just leave the phone in the room safe and completely disconnect for a week like we used to in the flip-phone days.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jacki View Post
    That must be new! Free wifi was only available in the office a few years ago. Nice
    I've been using A.M's Wi-Fi at the bar area for at least 10 years.

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    i too have used AM's free wifi while staying next door at lacabana.

    often lacabana's wifi is spotty and prior to the new wifi there, it was real spotty AND costly.

    i often would be able to pick up AMs wifi signal at lacabana (on the left hand side of the resort)
    also, paul and i would visit their pool bar for a drink or 2 and sign on there with our tablets.

    Quote Originally Posted by Liz - Aruba Lover View Post
    I've been using A.M's Wi-Fi at the bar area for at least 10 years.

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    Free wifi at Bucuti and they will give you an iPad to use.

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    On my last trip (June) I was able to use La Cabana wifi without any issues. However, I always used it very early in the morning when there was low usage. I remember last year trying it in the late afternoons or evenings and it was spotty. Also the wifi at MVC was great outside the room. I was able to watch netflix every night without any issues.

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    Divi AI is now advertising free wi-fi. I will really enjoy not spending the $50 for the week on next visit. I thought the connection was pretty good when I paid for it, hopefully now that it is free it will be just as good or better Regardless Free wi-fi will be a welcome treat.

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    I'm currently staying at the Riu Palace and the wifi is pretty good. I'm currently in my room on the 10th floor typing this. It's also fairly good by the pool. It's also free.
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