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    Gas Price Rumors???

    I've been to the island a few times already, and already have my trip booked for this year.
    I've just heard a wonderful rumor that gas prices are $12 (us) a gallon!
    Can anyone confirm or refute this? This will make renting a car/jeep down there again a possible non-option this year!
    Thank you!!!!

    ~Brian, New Jersey, USA

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    We returned on April 17th and gas prices were a little over 6 dollars a gallon. Gas is measured in liters and the price is posted in florins.

    1 liter = 0.264172052 US gallons

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    Luckily the Island is pretty small!!!!!

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    Price on gas in Aruba is controlled by the government, so prices are the same at either gas station. I think Texaco may charge a little more if CC is used.


    We just returned and it's NOT much higher then prices in New York !!
    2.27fl.liter at both Valero and Texaco gas stations.
    $12.03 a gallon -IT IS NOT TRUE !!!

    SPECIAL NOTE: An article appeared on stating that Aruba's gasoline prices are at $12.03 a gallon. ArubaLife emphatically confirms that the price mentioned in the article isn't correct. Below prices are current

    Premium unleaded gasoline
    1 Liter in Aruba florin:
    fl. 2.27

    Premium unleaded gasoline
    1 US gallon in US dollar:
    $ 4.92

    [Last price change: Apr. 09, 2008]
    [Our last update: Apr. 09, 2008, 05:54 pm
    Tom & Karen

    Next Trip: Jan. 6 - April 7

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    It's $4.92, period -- All stations charge the same, and they can only raise the price once a month (next raise comes May 18). Check it out at:

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    Did the math in feb. (liters/gallons, dollars/florins) and came up with approx. $4.60 per gallon. I had no clue that both chains charged the same price, I usually buy at the valero in the middle of the road. I have noticed that all of the pumps are labled premium; not that it matters, but what do they consider premium to be?

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    Hi all

    OMG petrol in the uk is extortionate, ours is approx $9 a gallon (with prices on there way up!!!), looking forward to some light relief!

    Next Aruba trip in

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    Bought gas yesterday morning at the texaco station near rotary
    price was $4.92 per gallon
    (the pricing was per litre, but paul dug out the calculator and figured it in gallons and u.s. dollars)

    we only put in $17 worth of gas
    we did not travel far during our 10 days on island (obviously)

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