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Thread: great story……….another reason why we all love aruba!

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    Wow! Great story, What a great thing to do. That's why Aruba is the best island in the Caribbean !! THE PEOPLE !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by devilsangel7681 View Post
    I would like to share a story here on Aruba acts of kindness...

    My husband (fiancée at the time) and in laws were all at the Riu Casino gambling at a Black Jack table. A man sitting to the left of us was already playing.

    The man was VERY intoxicated and nearly falling asleep. As the night wore on, he became more and more intoxicated to the point where the pit boss was alerted to stop serving him drinks. However, despite his inebriated state, he was winning LOTS of money! Maybe he's onto something??

    Anyway, when the man became so drunk that he almost did fall asleep, a kind man working at the casino came up to him and offered him a hand. Though I cannot remember what exactly was said, he signaled someone else to come over with a special case for chips (the ones you see them carry around with locks on them) for the man's numerous winnings. They kindly took all of his chips and placed them in the safe case and locked it. Then they had two people under each arm carry him over to the cash out counter, and made sure his money was safely in his pocket. He was then carried out of the casino and up to his room (I assume).

    Needless to say, we were very impressed on how the Riu staff handled the situation. We have seen many times before (not in Aruba) where people at a casino were very drunk and were hustled out and/or kicked off their table. I was so very impressed on how courteous and attentive the staff was to make sure this man made it back safely wherever he was staying. They could have easily kicked him out or worse, taken some of his chips and he would not have even realized it! And I say take his chips at the most extreme treatment, I don't think they would have done that but you never know. They definitely had an opportunity to take some out of our view or anyone else's. But by locking them up right there at the table was a very smart thing to do.

    I never shared our story with anyone at the Riu, but maybe I will when we go back in June.
    Do take the time to share this with the management of the Rui.... Lord knows that any management team mostly hears issues and problems!

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    Awesome story!! Great to hear amazing people doing great things!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    same story in today's them morning news!

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