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    Below an Amigo article about sustainable energy. I'm curious what the outcome for the reopening of the refinery will be. The decisions should be made soon.

    Google Translation:

    Aruba as an example for sustainable energy during Energy Summit

    Saturday, May 07 2016 12:32

    ORANJESTAD - Prime Minister Mike Eman went this week in dialogue with the Vice President of America, Joe Biden, while the US -Caribbean- Central American Energy Summit was held in Washington DC. Biden invited the Prime Minister to working with the Minister of Economic Affairs, Communications , Energy and Environment, Mike de Meza, to attend the meeting. During the Energy Summit came from different heads include the private sector in the Caribbean and Central America together to discuss how their governments can be sustainable. Aruba was used as an example by America during the congress. Other islands showed at the meeting interested in the way Aruba 100 percent sustainability pursued by the year 2020 and what we use alternatives in the field of water and electricity.

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    Hope being in the spotlight as a model island doesn't turn out to have an opposite effect. Aruba is tiny, it's coral reefs I believe are recovering
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