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    Had to change plans

    OK so we had this 2 week vacation planned for almost a year.My wife applied for a different job in her company and got it.Now due to training we had to do some major shuffling of plans and at first thought we might not go at allThen thanks to my wife she was able to talk to the airlines and now it's on again!!
    So instead of last week in feb we have to wait until April 2nd to come down.I gotta change my ticker now.

    Anything going on in Aruba the first 2 weeks in April??

    P.S. It's only 21 degrees here today.I would rather be in Aruba!!!
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    please tell your wife KUDOS on the new position with her company.

    1st 2 weeks in April huh? will have to get back to you on that.

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