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Thread: Happy Hour

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    Happy Hour

    Probably a silly question but do members have a place they meet & greet for happy hour or anything when they arrive in Aruba? I've notice quite of few of us will be there week of 4/7. I don't mean to hang out the whole trip or anything, just a quick cocktail? By the way I've never been on a forum before, I can't figure out how to insert my count down and I hope I am posting in the correct area!

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    Somewhere I seem to remember that whoever wants too meets at the Amsterdam Manor, I think on Fridays.

    But I could easily stand corrected!

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    Hi momof4!

    Here is the info on the weekly bulletin board (meet and greet and have a drink or two) parties.

    Bulletin Board Happy Hours are every Monday at Amsterdam Manor's beach bar at 5pm. Happy hour is from 5pm-6pm (2 for 1 drinks.)

    Amsterdam Manor's Beach Bar:

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    Well I arrive on Tuesday the 8'th and leave on Sunday the 13'th. Thus no Monday on this trip That picture with the Amstel bright just made me thirsty

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