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    if someone had a mask on next to me, i would be grateful and much appreciative of her gesture.

    i wish that the lady behind me in church this morning had one on.
    she sounded like she had the pneumonia or croup/or typhoid/plague or something else that was contagious.

    mask wearing is good

    Quote Originally Posted by kent View Post
    2 weeks ago when we were coming home, the lady sitting beside my wife had a mask on. You don't know what you are in for. Kent

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    I'm with you Andrea. We came home from Aruba in early Feb and the man next to me blew his nose and coughed on me the entire trip . There was nothing I could do. I knew I was doomed. Low and behold four days later I was sick as a dog. I would have so appreciated that man wearing a mask and saying" I'm sorry but I've had this terrible cough, and I dont want you to get it." Some people wear surgical masks on planes because they might have just undergone Chemo or if they have a compromised immune system. A mask doesn't always mean they are contagious, it could mean they don't want to get what the person sitting next to them has, lol. After a three hour plane ride with this man and 10 days of being sick, I might even consider wearing a mask when I fly,lol. Every trip to Aruba you pray you don't get sick from the confined plane ride. Airborne didn't even help this time

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Dh now has us sucking down Airborne whenever we travel

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    Airborne seems to have worked for me. My wife had been sick for 3 weeks with the flu, and just as she was getting better and I was breathing a sigh of relief that our trip wouldn't have to be canceled, I started feeling a very scratchy throat and stuffy head. I started gulping down Airborne and other vitamins and it seems to have gone away without developing into a full-blown cold or flu. We'll wait and see, but I will be taking Airborne until the trip is over. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but if it continues to work this will be the 2nd Aruba trip salvaged by Airborne. I swear by it.

    7th trip to Aruba in 9 days!!

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