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    Help using priceline please.

    I have never used priceline, but would like to give it a try to get a good deal. I am fine if I end up getting a nice hotel. For Aruba hotels if I want something like the Marriott,Hyatt, Radisson, etc. what category should I pick for choose my own price? Does anyone know what the choices are if I pick resort or 4 star deluxe? Should I get trip insurance for $35? Any advice would be so helpful. We are going to Aruba on April 17 for 7 nights.
    Thanks very much

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Check out the websites and for step by step detailed instructions and what to expect.

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    you put in resort area--not 3 star-
    I see on the site that Lisa gave you-- some bids are being accepted at 110.00

    have a back up/cancelable reservation in place

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    Also good is

    I used their method and got a great rate on Priceline for The Drake in Chicago.

    Oh - that takes you to the same place as Lisa's link. Sorry.
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