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    Here's a good problem I have

    Sorry to say and believe me I cannot figure it out but every year I go to Aruba I loose between 5-10lbs. I don't know why all I do is drink Balashi from 10am-dinner time, have a full dinner then switch over to rum and coke. I don't get it. So since I loose this weight every time I go next time I feel need for a diet I know what to do. It might be an expensive one but totally worth it. All I have to do is 2 weeks next year and I would be at the weight I want to be at.

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    1. Renaissance private island 2. Sunsets from our room 3. Baby beach 4. Alto Vista Chapel 5. Hiking Hooiberg 6. lighthouse and cunucu exploring 7. all the restaurants 8. Crystal and Seaport casinos 9. charlie's Bar 10. Downtown Orangestad.
    It must be the rum and coke. I've been switching to Bourbon and seven and seem to gain your 5-10 pounds. We will see in two days!


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