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    marc...don't know if your kids have had the chance to drive the boats...One of the drivers, I won't mention his name, will let the kids have a "turn"....don't want to get any of the drivers in trouble. It'll happen when you on the boat by yourself...ALso, one of the greatest times we've had on the private island is going out late, and staying to catch the 6:45 boat back. Its beautiful out there, the sunset is gorgeous, and its a great time to get some photo's with the hammocks, sunset, kids in a one is there...perfect for some wine, cheese, munchies on the island while the kids run around...Another fun thing we did was bring santa hats on vacation and take their Christmas pictures on the beach...
    Other crazy things we have done...bring a croquet set with us for the annual 1 handed with drink tournaments, bring telescopic fishing rods, bring our red sox, patriots, celtics flags and hang them from the balconey...I could go on and on...12 years of crazy fun things with family
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful family pics with all of us...
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    Hi Cindy! Yeah my daughter got her turn on the boat last year, she thought she was hot stuff. I like the santa hats idea we might have to do that this year with the kids. Two weeks from Friday and we'll be in Aruba! We are so excited!! We are starting to prepare already.

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