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    High Rise Fireworks on Wednesday 5/21/08

    While in our room last night we hear a loud rumbling about 9:57Pm. There was an approximately 6-7 minute fireworks show of very high quality offshore in front of the Hyatt. I only missed 30 seconds and it was a very good show. Anyone seen this before? Know what it is about?
    Thanks, Pete
    Have Fun, Pete

    We will be in Aruba in

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    Last month going to my car in Holiday Inn parking lot there was a fireworks show. It was in the area of the Hyatt too. I got out of the movie theatre around 9:45 pm so it was around the same time too.

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    It could have been the conclusion of this.

    [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']ORANJESTAD – The European tour operators that attended a successful Aruba Meets Europe (AME) conference were very pleased when they returned home on Wednesday evening. Aruba has shown her best. There was some concern about the constant increasing of the oil prices that might influence the international tourism negatively. [/FONT]
    [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']The conference was a joint initiative of Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) and Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association (Ahata). The idea was to let the tour operators get personally acquainted with Aruba as tourist product and to give them the opportunity to enter or extend agreements with hotels and companies that offer attractions and services. [/FONT]
    [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']Local companies could present themselves to the European visitors in the Holiday Inn hotel. A so-called marketplace was organized in the Radisson Hotel, where the tour operators could discuss business. The tour operators visited several hotels. Manfred Lahey, manager of the big European tour operator TUI was presented with a certificate of appreciation and a special designed star for more than 10 years of successfully promoting Aruba. This took place during a reception in the Amsterdam Manor Resort. He’s the one that took care of extra flights from Great Britain, which increased the number of flights from Europe to Aruba. He also introduced the island to more than 250 travel agent employees. Lahey got married in Aruba and is from now on the tourist ambassador of Aruba. [/FONT]
    [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']A special part of the conference was the introduction to Aruban art and culture on Monday evening. The visitors attended a special performance of the theater show ‘One in Soul’ of choreographer Alydia Wever. There were artwork made of waste material like glass and different wrappings on exhibit in the foyer of the theater. The foreign visitors were very enthusiastic that they were finally presented with something different than the traditional folklore shows. European visitors like nature and culture of the destinations they visit. They were also very pleased with the organization and the reception in Aruba.[/FONT]
    Eagle Beach Boy
    Ontario, Canada

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    Could be part of the Aruba Music Festival going on this weekend.
    BIG party down there the entire weekend.

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    Hyatt Masters

    Hyatt Regency Aruba was hosting the Hyatt Masters, which as I understood, the top sales people and their respective GM's were rewarded an all expense paid vacation to Aruba,and this was one of the celebrations.

    This is done quite a bit with incentive groups coming to the island.
    It would be done once it's requested and they're willing to pay for it.

    I've even seen it at weddings on the beach.

    Bryan Morris

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