Historic signs in Statia
ORANJESTAD Volunteers of Statia Terminals NuStar, Statia Pride Foundation, and St. Eustatius Historical Foundation have placed a series of historic signs that show the way to places of interest on the island.
The signs were designed by Joanna Gilmore and they could be purchased thanks to a donation of the Prince Bernhard Fund to the Historical Foundation. There are a total of 15 signs; they give historic information about the places of interest and they are meant for walkers that walk a certain route in Oranjestad. The Historical Foundation will soon publish a book that completes the information on the signs.
The signs are about Fort Oranje, the Dutch Reformed Church, Wilhelmina Park, Deep Yard, and Oranje Bay. Deep Yard, probably the least known place of interest, is the location at the Paramiraweg, where the well-known black activist Marcus Garvey gave a speech when he visited Statia.