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    Does anyone know about the hospital (s) in Aruba
    Good, fair etc Thanks

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    the hospital in aruba gets good reviews from what i hear.

    thank goodness my only experiences with the hospital (located perpendicular to the alhambra marketplace/casino) has been once with an ear infection that was so bad i went there at 3 am and was treated promptly, well, and inexpensively. another couple of times we visited our friend vincent mardenborough (of amsterdam manor and formerly known as vincent the "limbo dancer" and he got superb care and treatment after his horrific car wreck 10 or more years ago.

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    Does anyone know about the hospital (s) in Aruba
    Good, fair etc Thanks

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    The 2 times I have had to go there, it was nothing short of wonderful. I hate to say it but treated better than some of the hospitals in the states.

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    have been there once for myself...stepped on a piece of glass, taken care of immediately and cheaply
    girlfriend crashed quad and was there for a week....broken ribs and good care...and cheap
    friend...stitches....good and cheap
    friend...gastroenteritis....good care, cheap
    I could go on.....
    long story short.....I trust them, they do their best to take care of you and do not rape you on the aware though it is cash or credit U.S. insurance taken although I have submitted for re-imbursement when home and did receive partial payment

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    Used it myself a few years back - couldn't have had better service. Strep throat - seen promptly, at least compared to a US emergency room! Doctor was a hoot - told my boyfriend not more kisses for him that week! Called us a cab when we left. Cab driver was awesome too. Apparently at night only one drug store is open per night - they share nights between the stores and of course, the one open that night was on the other side of the island. Cab driver took us, waited for us, and got us back to the Divi in time for our dinner reservation. All in all a pleasant time considering the situation!

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    Anywhere the ocean meets the land
    fantastic health care system
    one incident long ago and we were fortunate and comforted by the level and quality of concern and care.

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