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    they do not do direct to insurance.
    was there one night with a huge ear infection.
    and they gave us 3 options

    cash, trav checks, credit card

    (debit card may now too be an option)

    no travel insurance at all
    no foreign health insurance
    the best you will get is the detailed invoice in english to submit for reimbursement when you get home from your health insurance and or travel insurance.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ag55 View Post
    Thanks for the answer. I am fine, so probably won't contact them. It was just a general thought which came to mind.

    I wouldn't have the cash or credit card, so wouldn't be able to do that though, so they'll probably have to go direct to the insurance company or something else...

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    Have made about 25 trips to Aruba and the hospital always ask for a Credit Card or Cash up front. You will find the Emergency Room charges are less than ours in the States. Get receipts for treatment and submitt to your insurance compmay.
    Also if no credit card your hotel will ask for a cash deposit to cover any charges you may have even if you prepaid with a Travel Agent/Company.
    Even before you see a Doctor you must pay I think around US$125 to use the Emergency Room. If you don'f have that how are you traveling?
    Also a Hotel Doctor and any Precriptions will need to be paid so bring a few extra $$$ for those if needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ag55 View Post
    But what if you are not the holder of a credit card and do not have the money to pay them back for the treatment?
    If you do not have a CC because you are trying to sort out financial situations.... Congratulations.

    What about getting a Card with a LOW limit and notify the CC company that it is only to be used while out of the country. And possibly only for Medical reasons.
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    When we were in Aruba in February, my son had a bad ear infection. We saw a local doctor who was really, really nice. We had to pay $50 cash before we saw him and the two prescriptions only cost us $35 total, much cheaper than what would have been billed to insurance in the states. For me, that small an amount wasn't worth dealing with my insurance company for reimbursement.

    I was just happy to have my son cared for so well while on vacation, and healthy again!

    Fingers crossed you won't need to use any of the medical facilites on the island but if so, it is best to have some extra money whether it be a few hundred in cash or a low credit card as suggested for "just in case".

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