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Thread: How did this past week's wind effect you in Aruba?

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    How did this past week's wind effect you in Aruba?

    I have been reading lots of the wind situation during the last week.
    A few friends have called or texted and it sounded really quite ridiculous .

    Lots if not all of the umbrellas poolside were not opened for a couple of the days....sand blasting was happening at the beaches....and one of my friends sent me a photo of her daughter wearing a colombia "fleece" jacket on her way to school.

    If you were (or are) there, and have a wind story.....tell us!


    Has the wind has ever effected your aruba stay?

    With us, we have had very gusty winds a few times and loved it!
    A few times a day or 2 were breezeless and quite oppressive.

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    Under a palapa on Palm beach
    Our visit in November 2014, the first day we had a crazy wind come up out of nowhere and it was the talk of the island for a few days. The surf on Palm Beach was something we had never seen before. A few palapas were blown over. A surfboard decoration fell off the wall at Pelican's Nest Pier bar - they actually closed early. The tv looked like it was going to be fly off the wall next. It was all over pretty quickly, but it felt like a tropical storm but only a little rain.

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    We were on the island three weeks, mid January & 1st week of February. Second two weeks 23-29 mph were common trade wind speeds. Windier than ever before but it also seemed warmer than ever before. I enjoyed the breeze.

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    There have been a few days over the years that we stayed off the beach because the sand actually hurt when it hit you. Other than that, no problems. A few years ago my bil and I had a tee time at Tierra Del Sol. The wind stopped blowing completely that morning and we thought, wow, this will be great, playing with no wind will be so much easier. NOT. We continuously ran into huge swarms of gnats that got in every orifice, eyes, mouth if you opened it, mosquitos were everywhere, and it was so hot you couldn't grip the club with your bare hand. We will never play again with out some wind blowing.

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    All the shopping malls and the beaches.
    According to Don's nephew, David, the wind got rid of the yellow jackets on the TDS golf course, but not before he got stung!

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    An Aruban umpire friend sent me a picture of the light tower that was blown down at a baseball field in Noord. It damaged the concession stand building.

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    eagle beach arashi & boca catalina la cabana pata pata bar
    just returned from our week at la cabana. tuesday, wednesday & thursday guests were notified by phone that the pool umbrellas were to remain down. while i only heard one woman complain about it, i think people were pretty bothered by it. tuesday & wednesday were pretty rough at the beach with the sandblasting. both days we ended up going to the pool after two hours - we usually stay on the beach for five hours. while we've gotten used to the winds in aruba, i'm always amazed how planes come & go with the extra windy days. gotta pat those pilots on the back!

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    They winds did give a new definition to having a 'bad hair day' in Aruba. Although we did hear lots of comments about the wind, I think most visitors just took it in stride. Was interesting watching the waves breaking across the reef at the harbor entrance. As the wave broke, the winds blew the crest back out to sea.
    Joe & Mimi


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