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Thread: How has the Internet changed your Aruba stay

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    This was our first year using the internet on our stay. Our previous trips were totally unplugged. There are pros and cons to both. We keep our phones off, but did take one with us on our off-road adventure just in case we had an emergency.
    Jon preferred to stay unplugged, only checking his tablet for fantasy football line up changes. I liked being able to access facebook to check in on friends and family. It was easier to communicate with our friends who on the island at the same time, using facebook messenger in the mornings to plan when and where to meet up.
    I think we will continue to bring tablets and use wifi in the room. It was nice to look up restaurant information, or excursion confirmation emails with information. And the best part for me was documenting my trip report each day and getting feedback from my forum friends here. Not to mention, I have gone back and read it a few times since we have been back just to put me back in that Aruba frame of mind!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aquaman View Post
    Wondering how the impact of the Internet has changed peoples stay in Aruba.
    i wouldn't have found Aruba without the Internet. I Google'd "best weather no hurricanes" and the ABCs came up!

    And the research we did on the island before buying there would have been EXTREMELY arduous without the net.

    Google Maps save us quite a few times on our first trip.

    I wish more businesses on the island would leverage the promotional/informational capabilities of the Internet.

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    We mostly turn off while on vacations. The 3 times our kids were with us in Aruba we told them we were not paying for internet service. However, with free wi-fi at various locations, they simply accessed their email and facebook once or twice to keep in touch with the girlfriend and boyfriend. I did access the email same twice just to let our mothers know everything was fine. We don't use phones as we do things the old fashion way by setting a meeting place in time when we go separate ways. I purchased a kindle with gift money I received for Christmas, so I will use that to read.

    The internet has changed our stay only in that I obsess looking at pics, perusing Aruba websites and forums. Our process of booking a room and flight has changed as we no longer use travel agents. I booked the flight online this year and found someone from whom to rent a time share online.

    When we go this April, I may set up a time with my kids to check email as they are not coming with us. Our daughter will be at college and our son will be with a friend at grandma's house in Florida. Even though they will be 20 and 18, I will need to be in touch with my kids!

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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    We do not allow devices on the dinner table - out or home. My 12 year old got an iPhone for Christmas. He tried pulling it out at dinner. It was immediately taken away. Lesson learned real quick...

    Internet access keeps me sane while on the island. There are many hours each morning that I spend waiting for my family to wake up. This leaves me time to check in at home, catch up on this forum, Facebook, post pics of our trip, etc. I also make restaurant reservations & book activities online. Use my Kindle to read a bunch and download new books if necessary.
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    I like having a written confirmation for everything. No more misunderstandings because of language and you have proof. Not a "well I spoke with someone and she said." To have a copy of everything in email and not a pile of papers is great. No more fine print.

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    Well, we chose Aruba for our honeymoon because of internet :-) We did a lot of research about which Caribbean island would fit our preferences, and in the end we chose Aruba because of what we had read about it online. The rest is history -- discovering this forum, choosing our restaurants using forum reviews, and so on :-)

    The use of internet while traveling is another issue. Before 2014 my wife and I did not have smartphones, and it was easier to "disconnect" while traveling. I have an old (2009) netbook which I always use in my trips, but I leave it at the hotel room, and use it just for a few minutes a day to check e-mail and post some pics online. It's also useful to book stuff (or to have bookings confirmed) like restaurants or other attractions, depending on where you are.

    My first trip with a smartphone was in 2014 (London / Lisbon / Barcelona). I chose not to purchase local SIM cards, so our use of electronic devices was quite limited. Just a few apps to be used offline as guides (the Barcelona Tourism Office has really nice apps), and occasionally Google Maps to locate ourselves. Even in wi-fi areas we made an effort not to distract ourselves and lose time by checking Facebook and other social media -- we left that for when we were back at the hotel or apartment. It helped us to keep our eyes on the world around us instead of on a small screen :-)

    All the best from Brazil


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