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    We are still headed to Aruba in a few weeks for our annual trip and then a trip to Paris this summer as well (we used ff miles for the flight to Paris.) We're cutting back more at home than on travel - a few less dinners out during the week and not going to as many shows/plays unless they're running last minute ticket specials.
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    Italy: Nov./Dec. 2018

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    We skipped last year to give us time to save more for this year. We also cut back on things at home, like the eating out (good for the $ and the weight!). I just can't give up my vacations - no matter where we go, as long as we go!
    We are already talking about going to Yellowstone next year. I'm trying to convince dh that we'll spend more there than Aruba. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunnysmiles View Post
    I'm trying to convince dh that we'll spend more there than Aruba. LOL
    I convinced my dh that Disney is more expensive than Aruba. At least for the resorts where he wants to stay. Atlantis in the Bahamas as well.

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    disney IS more expensive if you stay on site.
    but imo, one must stay on site to get the true disney experience ;-)
    we have stayed at the polynesian 4x and loved every second.....but cannot compare to aruba.

    and yellowstone.......well, you will spend a LOT on bear repellent spray right?
    go to aruba instead.

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    We are going, it is our mental health vacation. We have worked hard and saved for this vacation. I guess we are lucky that our jobs were not in trouble or anything.

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