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    How's this Plan?

    Hi everyone. I'm still tying to plan my Oct. Honeymoon, and was hoping for a little positive reinforcement, suggestions but mostly warnings if I've made any obvious mistakes. Once again, thank you to everyone here for thier help.

    I've got us booked in the Bucuti for 11 nights, and have been in contact with Tropic Car Rentals about getting a Yaris for our trip. Since the car is fairly cheap I decided just to get it for the entire time. A jeep was considered for a day or two, but it doesn't sound like you miss out on much of the island without one, and the future Wife has motion sickness issues that bad roads may not work well with.

    Just to ensure we get good tables I was going to make reservations for mid trip to Passions and OMBTS, and leave the rest of the meal planning until we were there. We are going to try to balance a few top end meals at the "must eat" places with lower end lunches and casual dinners other nights. Atleast my Canadian $$$ is worth something right now ($.90 US)

    With the previously mentioned motion sickness we won't be doing any boating or Bus tours, so i don't know of any tours we need to book in advance.

    I think that leaves us with a very relaxing, non rushed because we have no set plans or obligations, Honeymoon. We bought Snorkles, which never of us have done, so


    PS sorry this was so long, I'm just getting excited to go!

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Sounds nothing short of perfect!

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    Ditto on sounds perfect relax and enjoy, for you will be back on your anniversary's. Being non = snorkelers do baby beach to test the waters, you also can do the rough side past the lighthouse gently(stay out of the sand) in your yaris. HAPPY HONNYMOON!

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    Sounds like you got it all planned and going to have a great honeymoon.

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    Everything sounds perfect, especially staying at Bucuti and booking your car through Hans at Tropic. We love Aruba in October-really warm water temp. and low crowds. (Although we love Aruba anytime, lol!)

    Do drive to Baby Beach and drive/tour the other side of the island. It is not a bad drive at all to get there. I also have some motion issues and I have never had any trouble riding in our rented Yaris to the other side of the island or to the Alto Vista Chapel. One thing we did, which was fantastic, we got up very early in the morning and drove to the Alto Vista Chapel while it was still dark to watch the sun rise. (we had been there before so knew exactly how to get there in the dark). Sitting there on top of the hill, behind that tiny little chapel, watching a spectacular sun rise over the ocean was a moment we will never forget!!

    We love Bingo's, Linda's Dutch pancakes, B 55. These are all great local places with really good food and really good prices. Congrats on your wedding and have a spectacular honeymoon. Can't wait to hear how much you loved it once you return.

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    My wife used to get motion sickness. Take the Wrist bands that you can buy inexpensive at Shoppers and have your Bride wear them. Works on the plane also. They also sell Gravol that does not make you drowsy.
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    Sounds great. We love Aruba in October! We will be there also!

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